The individuals listed below generously offered their input on technology and states. We deeply appreciate their time and counsel. The contents of this report do not necessarily reflect the views of those with whom we engaged, and the views of participating federal officials do not necessarily reflect positions or policies of the federal government or its agencies.

Katya Abazajian

Director of Programs, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University

Jeff Auser

Acquisition Strategist, United States Digital Service

Octavia Abell

Co-Founder and CEO, Govern for America

Rep. Kristin Bahner

Vice Chair, Minnesota Legislative Commission on Cybersecurity

Solomon Adote

Chief Security Officer (CSO), State of Delaware

Mark Bell

Cyber Security Outreach Coordinator, Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee, State of Ohio Adjutant General’s Department

Nicholas Andersen

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Jennifer Bell-Ellwanger

President and CEO, Data Quality Campaign

Mary Ann Bates

Executive Director, California Cradle-to-Career System

Katherine Benjamin

Chief Digital Officer, Head of Enterprise Digital Credentials, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Vinith Annam

Program Manager, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University

Ali Benson

Data Labs Program Lead, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University

Brennan Berman

Former CEO and Founder, City Tech 

Krista Canellakis

Digital Delivery Program Lead, U.S. Digital Response

Alexandra Bernadotte

Founder and CEO, Beyond 12

Justin Cohan Shapiro

Vice President, Special Projects, Guild Education

Asif Bhatti

Strategic Advisor & Director of Strategy, America’s Frontier Fund

Matt Collier

Senior Industry Fellow, RMIT University

Pete Bernardy

Vice President and State Practice Lead, Results for America

Angie Cooper

Executive Vice President, Heartland Forward

Rohan Bhobe

Co-Founder and CEO, Nava PBC

Betsy Cooper

Director, Aspen Tech Policy Hub

Laurel Blatchford

Founder and Principal, Uplook Advisors LLC

Kathryn De Wit

Project Director, Broadband Access Initiative, Pew Charitable Trusts

Kathy Booth

Project Director, Educational Data & Policy, WestEd

Shaun Donovan

Senior Fellow, Ford Foundation

Julie Boughn

Principal, JBoughn Advisory Services, LLC

Shannon Felton Spence

Former Director of Communications and Marketing, Beeck Center of Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University

Kevin Bromer

Executive Director, Head of Data & Technology Strategy, Ballmer Group

Anjali Fernandes

Manager & Benefits Access Program Lead, Schmidt Futures 

Stephanie Cain

Deputy Director, Colorado Digital Service

Sarah Forland

Senior Research Associate, Digital Impact and Governance Initiative, New America

Kumar Garg

Vice President of Partnerships, Schmidt Futures

Amy Huffman

Policy Director, National Digital Inclusion Alliance

Genevieve Gaudet

Director of Design, Nava PBC

Dan Hon

Principal, Very Little Gravitas

Joshua Gee

Director of Product Management for Rider Products, Metropolitan Transit Authority

Justin Isaf Man

Former Associate Chief Technology Officer, Digital Services, City of New York

Robert Gordon

Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources, US Department of Health & Human Services

Waldo Jaquith

Former Senior Advisor to the Administrator, General Services Administration

Rachel Haot

Investor, Launcher

Adelia Jenkins

Executive Director, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy

Sascha Haselmayer

Partner, Ashoka

Jeff Jorgenson

Business Transformation Officer, Business Solutions Office, MN Department of Human Services

Amy Hawn Nelson

Director of Training and Technical Assistance, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy

Jessica Kahn

Partner, McKinsey & Co.

Jeffrey Hendrix

Product Manager, CAMPUS

Tom Kalil

Chief Innovation Officer, Schmidt Futures

Camille Hogan

Acquisition Strategist, United States Digital Service

Ariel Kennan

Fellow, Digital Benefits Network, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University

Earnie Holtrey

Deputy Director, Indiana Broadband Office 

Rick Klau

Former Chief Technology Innovation Officer, California Department of Technology

Korey Klein

Portfolio Manager, Technology and Data, Ballmer Group

Jeffery Marino

Deputy Director, California Office of Data and Innovation

Tyler Kleykamp

Chief Data & Impact Officer, Connecticut Foodshare

Zachary Markovits

Vice President and Local Practice Lead, Results for America

Elizabeth Laird

Director of Equity in Civic Technology, Center for Democracy & Technology

Reilly Martin

U.S. Senior Program Manager, Open Contracting Partnership 

Dustin Lanier

Founder and Principal Consultant, Civil Initiatives, LLC

Matthew McAllister

Co-Founder and Director, Colorado Digital Service

Alex Lawrence

Chief People Officer, City of Boston

Tara McGuinness

Founder, New Practice Lab, New America

Mark Lerner

Director Technology and Innovation

Partnership for Public Service

Marlena Medford

Director of Communications, Code for America

Jenna Leveille

Deputy State Cartographer, State of Arizona

Curtis Mejeur

Chief Executive Officer, Bellese Technologies

Lauren Lockwood

CEO & Co-founder, Bloom Works Public Benefit LLC

Elise Miller McNeely

Senior Director of Data Strategy, State Collaborative On Reforming Education 

Jack Lynch

Chief Operating Officer, EducationSuperHighway

Giuseppe Morgana

Former Digital Director, State of New Jersey Office of Innovation

Sasha Magee

Cybersecurity Portfolio Director, Technology Modernization Fund

Chetrice L. Mosley-Romero

Cybersecurity Program Director, Office of Technology, Indiana Department of Homeland Security

Hashim Mteuzi

Program Director, Civic Tech Partnerships & Fellowships, Code for America

Brennan Parton

Vice President, Data Quality Campaign

Anne Neville-Bonilla

Expert Associate Partner, McKinsey & Co.

Tracey Patterson

Vice President, Safety Net Programs, Code for America

Skip Newberry

President & CEO, Technology Association of Oregon 

Gabe Paley 

Assistant Secretary for Technology, Office of New York State Governor Kathy Hochul

Marina Nitze

Fellow, New America’s New Practice Lab and Former CTO, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 

Rebecca Piazza

Senior Advisor for Delivery, Food and Nutrition Service, USDA

Dr. Mechie Nkengla

Chief Data Strategist, Data Products LLC

Allison Price

Senior Advisor, New America Digital Impact and Governance Initiative

Adeyinka Ogunlegan

Senior Director, Government Affairs & Policy, EducationSuperHighway

Angie Quirarte

Federal Partnership Director, Tech Talent Project

Steven Olender

Senior Director, Strategic Policy Initiatives, Think of Us

Diane Redleaf

Legal Consultant, Let Grow

Dustin Palmer

Associate Director, Code for America 

Ayushi Roy

Deputy Director, New Practice Lab, New America

Angela Siefer

Executive Director, National Digital Inclusion Alliance

Jim Shelton

Former Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Education

Ashlee Sellung

Student Analyst, Georgetown University Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation

Tina Wahla

Interim CEO, US Digital Response

Jen Tress

Principal & Cofounder, Verge Talent Partners

Traci Walker

Executive Director, Digital Services Coalition

Greg Wass

Senior Advisor, Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab

Jennifer Wagner

Director of Medicaid Eligibility & Enrollment, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Monika Vasil

Director, Contracts, Legal & Background Checks , Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Michael Wilkening

Former Secretary, California Health & Human Services Agency

Ian Veidenheimer

Senior Associate, Connectivity, Schmidt Futures

Nicole Wong

Former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer

Jennifer Wagner

Director of Medicaid Eligibility & Enrollment, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Kirsten Wyatt

Fellow, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University


John Bailey

Former Special Assistant to
the President for Domestic Policy

President George W. Bush

Domestic Policy 2007-2009

Cecilia Muñoz

Former Assistant to the President and
Director, White House Domestic
Policy Council

President Barack Obama

Domestic Policy 2012-2017


Jennifer Anastasoff

Executive Director

Brittany Norris

Chief of Staff

Cassandra Madison

VP of Partnerships

Michael Tyler Roach

Research Fellow


Thank you to the many people who contributed to this project and to the many people who strive to make the federal government work for people in America every day.