A 21st Century administration requires strong, modern technical leaders

A Hiring Guide: Tech Talent for 21st Century Government

There has never been a more important time to bring digital, technology and innovation expertise into federal agencies. “Tech Talent for 21st Century Government” explores three areas where government leadership requires modern technical expertise: policy, digital delivery, and innovation.

    This Guide Highlights:

    Leadership Positions

    Eight critical agency leadership positions requiring an understanding of modern technology


    Cross Agency Positions

    Fourteen key cross agency leadership positions requiring an understanding of modern technology



    Ten competencies of a 21st century agency

    Agency Competencies

    Hire for the 21st Century

    • Modern stack software development
    • DevOps and site reliability engineering
    • Security
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Data use
    People & Organization
    • Product management
    • Human centered design
    • Institutional change
    • Data governance
    • Technology procurement
    • Tech-informed decision making

    Agency Competencies

    Hire for the 21st Century

    Building Leadership Teams

    We support thought leaders, government executives and public servants in improving the lives of people in America by using science, innovation and technology, building evidence-based policies and programs, and understanding how to vet and hire technically qualified candidates


    Security, modern stack, SRE/devops, data use, emerging technologies

    People and Organization

    Institutional change, product management, Human-Centered Design


    Acquisition, tech-informed decision making, data governance

    Tech Talent:

    Hiring Technologists to Power Better Government

    The U.S. government already runs on technology.

    From delivering health care to veterans to processing millions of tax returns, federal agencies depend on technology to operate efficiently and deliver effective services to the American people. Read the report, “Mobilizing Tech Talent,” where the Partnership for Public Service and two former leaders of the United States Digital Service (USDS) share lessons learned from recruiting and hiring technical experts at USDS.

    Partnership for Public Service

    Civic Corporate Responsibility

    We recently partnered with the Ford Foundation and Clarice Chan to publish a paper about the importance of unlocking private sector technical talent to help address some of America’s largest problems in the 21st Century.

    Team Insights


    Our team and our interns have been researching ways to bridge the gap between government and modern tech talent. From Office of Presidential Personnel (PPO) recommendations to pathways into the federal government, learn more about what we’ve been up to below!

    Tech Transition Memos

    Any presidential agenda in the 21st century must prioritize modern technology expertise to accomplish its goals.

    Seizing the opportunities of technology — and ensuring its proper governance — requires leaders who deeply understand

    how technology can affect the American people, our national security, the economy and our competitiveness in the global landscape.

    Learning from Tech
    Investment Funds

    This white paper:

    •Details TMF’s history and its current state of operations;

    • Identifies lessons from conventional tech investment funds that could help the
    TMF reach its potential;

    • Recommends improvements to the TMF management and execution that would
    align with accepted best practices, achieve the administration’s IT modernization
    priorities, and empower agencies to drive digital transformation across technology

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