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Each year more Americans rely on digital technology to interact with government — a trend that accelerated rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic. As Americans’ relationship with accessing public services evolves, the U.S. government must hire a diverse set of capable technologists at all levels to meet changing expectations, including hiring modern technical leaders in key leadership positions. This page highlights publicly available data about information technology (IT) professionals in the Department of Labor — such as employment numbers, demographics and costs. You can view other department-specific data here.

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Information Technology (IT) Workforce



IT employees


Average years of service


IT workforce under 30

Percent of Employees by Age Group


IT workforce over 50

Labor Budget

Retrieved from federal IT portfolios on ITdashboard.gov

$175 million

budgeted for internal IT labor costs in FY2022

$415 million

budgeted for external IT labor costs in FY2022




Scientific and professional (ST) staff in IT positions


Senior level (SL) staff in IT positions


Senior Executive Service (SES) staff in IT positions

Competitive IT Job Announcements Resulting in an Offer

FY2022 0%

FY2021 0%

FY2020 0%

FY2019 0%

Ethnicity, Race and Gender Indicator


How IT Staff Identified Themselves



IT workforce


People of Color

IT workforce


People of Color SES

IT workforce

IT workforce composition by race and ethnicity (percent)

*Value is under four and suppressed on fedscope.opm.gov

Agency-Specific Data

Unless otherwise noted, all statistics are based on the GS-2210 job series classification — Information Technology Management. IT professionals perform a wide range of computer-based tasks, such as computer programming, user interface design and software testing. Percentages throughout may not appear to add up to 100 due to rounding.

Updated 11/29/2022